Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lesson # 2 - inserting pictures

Rylee feeding goat
This is a picture of my DGD2 at the farm.  She is feeding Sunny the goat.  The goats suck sooooo hard she is holding the bottle for dear life. Now I have to remember how to do another picture and TAP has gone to get herself a rum and diet coke. 

It is hot in here.  I'm sure it is because I've turned off the AC.  It was to be cooler today.  Maybe it is all the concentration. 
Here goes picture #2 and TAP has returned.  Hallelujah!!!!!!!!I did pretty good but tomorrow will be another story.  This is DGD1 collecting eggs.  She collected 10 eggs.  She was sooooo excited.
Leah collecting eggs
Leah holding an egg
These eggs were laid clean.  No chicken poo.  I was waiting for DGD1 to freak out but no freaking. They were all clean eggs.  Next day she wanted pancakes for breakfast so I added a fresh egg.......yum and she wanted pancakes the next day too.  It had to have been the egg.
Check back again tomorrow as I will attempt to insert a picture solo.  Tomorrow TAP is heading to Grand Rapids to meet AmandaJean from Crazy Mom Quilts.  Lucky girl. 

If I don't forget everything I learned tonight I'll have something exciting to share with you tomorrow.

till tomorrow.


Mama Spark said...

You had a lot to learn last night and you did a wonderful job of it. More to come, like making folders in your photo folder! Isn't it great? The learning never ends. Don't be afraid to play around with it that's how you learn new things, ask your fellow bloggers for help too.
Hugs, Thelma

Crispy said...

Your grands are adorable!! I would probably freak over chicken poo too, if there was any LOL.


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