Saturday, March 26, 2016

A new ironing board cover

Back in 2014 I recovered my portable ironing board
and made a few more projects for the
Riley Blake gingham blog hop.
My September 2014 posting is HERE.

I loved the mini ironing board make over back then and
since my regular size ironing board desperately needed a new cover
I decided to create a matching cover.
I quilted the gingham this time, hoping it will last longer.
I enlarged the embroider design and used a large red ric rac.

Now I don't want to use it,
my Rowenta has a mind of it's own and likes to leak from the bottom.
I'm looking for a new iron...any suggestions?

I love it!!!!!

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  Heidi at Red Letter Quilts - OMG
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Have a wonderful weekend!!


Heidi said...

Your ironing board looks SO SWEET!
I almost always dry iron/spritz anymore, after having problems with leaky irons.
Yesterday, my Shark quit working. I really liked it- high wattage, it did not shut off right away, and it was very lightweight. We have hard water here so I never once put water in that iron, hoping it would last awhile. I've been through a lot of irons these past ten years. Prior to that, I used an old Sunbeam for a long, long time - the kind with the turquoise cord. It was HOT and it did not leak. My least favorite was an inexpensive Sunbeam from Target that caught fire while sitting upright on the board. Little flames came up in the gap above the soleplate! It was new, and I returned it for the Shark.

The most frustrating iron is my Oliso. Heavy, shuts off quickly, does not get hot enough, inconsistent heat across soleplate. Expensive. After 6mos using it, the feet quit fully retracting. I sent it in to Oliso and they 'fixed' it. The feet still do not always fully retract and will catch fabric, putting even more wrinkles in it.

Not sure what I will purchase next, maybe I will wait for your review!
This morning I pulled the old Presto, and the Oliso, and they will get me by for awhile!

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

I love your cover! And your embroidery is so sweet! I have a sunbeam iron and it has worked really well for me. I had a rowenta that leaked too and decided just to buy the less expensive ones and replace them more often...well this baby has lasted through 3 moves already! Happy weekend!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Sew cute! As for irons, I have one iron, that I use with water ($6 at Walmart) the other irons are vintage irons that I don't use water in. I do have a spray bottle, and Best Press next to the ironing board. I quit buying more expensive irons, if I put water in them. None of them work well, after water is added. My $6 iron is also very light. That's a plus. Also, I empty any water out of if as soon as I turn it off.

tubakk said...

Nah, that's a sweet one.

allthingzsewn said...

So cute I would not want to use it either, but you have inspired me to recover one I'm making over.

LJ said...

That ironing board should be hung as art - it's just beautiful. I watched a video tutorial by Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry called Fossil Fantasy #1 - it was on TQS. You can find it here...
Caryl said she uses a Reliable Digital Velosity and it doesn't leak; she recommended it. I filed that information for my future use.

Mdm Samm said...

love it love it...and of course being gingham and that sweet stitching on the end makes it even more precious...what a delightful idea....and so delicious actually...well done sweet lady

June D said...

Very nice. I'd be afraid to use it though. I can't use steam with my (old) iron - but always seem to spill something that leaves a mark as soon as I put a new pad on the ironing board. : )

Jenny said...

I too need a new ironing board cover. Sees that us quilters just keep wearing them out!!

Karen S said...

Great result. The ironing board cover is gorgeous!
Yes, too good to use.
Hope you have better luck with the next iron!

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