Friday, June 27, 2014

A lovely visit with family and friends...

NASCAR weekend in Brooklyn Michigan
has come and gone for another year.
This is our 10th year to host family and friends for the weekend.
This year there were 7 visiting from Friday to Sunday.

Saturday and Sunday all the guys go to the track...
and the ladies go shopping and do some sewing.
The weekend weather was perfect and the time went by sooo fast...
before we knew it was time for everyone to leave...
...all were heading back to Canada except for my niece.
She stayed for the week
...she booked some vacations days to spend with her 'old' aunt and uncle...
We love having her!!
There might be one more year to host the NASCAR weekend, 
but then it will come to an end...
we will be moved back to Canada by April 2016 the latest.

My niece is going to be a new mama in November 
and I am soooooooo excited for her and her hubby!!
About 6 years ago, maybe longer, she started quilting and she is luving it.
She has made many baby quilts for all her friends, 
and now it is time to make quilts for her new baby.
She finished up a few projects this week and I did 
some sewing too.
She finished machine stitching a Dr Suess chenille quilt, 
just the binding left to hand stitch down.
She also made 2 Tammy bags...she was planning on making only one 
but she had enough fabric to make 2...
I am soooo proud of her...she did an awesome job!!
I quilted the orange quilt in the background another niece.
She is an awesome quilter too!!
I've spread the love of quilting to my sister and my 2 nieces...
my DIL is also luving makes my heart sing!!


John'aLee said...

Darling quilt!

Karen said...

What a wonderful weekend with a great group of people. And how lovely to spend extra time with your niece.
It is great to see the projects you have both been working on. I think it is wonderful that you have encouraged so many family members to become quilters. Well done!

Carol said...

Sounds like such a fun time! The quilts and Tammy bags are beautiful!

toniaconner said...

I really like the orange quilt it looks to be hard with the curves. The more I look at it , it's not curves is it? How neat, it tricks the eye.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I will be in Battle Creek, MI in July, playing with vintage sewing machines. Glad you had fun with family.

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