Friday, July 5, 2013

What have I been up too...

I'm not sure where the weeks/months go but they are flying by way too fast!!
I'm taking you back to mid March....what a month.

DH and I went to Hershey sister and brother-in-law 
traveled from Kitchener Ontario to spend a few days with us.

The first few days we were there we visited a number of Antique shops and
before my sister arrived I had already bought a sewing machine.
I have wanted a Singer Featherweight for years.
With DH retiring at the end of March...I knew I had to buy one fast or 
it would not be in a retired couples budget.
She is a real gem...I call her 'Pearl'.
Take a look...lots of accessories, even the original oil can...
an original instruction booklet for using the Singer Adjustable zigzag attachment.
The booklet has a copyright date of 1937.
There are 2 keys in a brittle envelope...

Isn't she the sweetest???   I had to bring her home.

The lady's name that owned this beauty was..Pearl J Hagey...
...what fun I have playing with  'Pearl' 

On Thursday we went to the AQS show in Lancaster PA.
We arrived when the show opened and at noon
we met up with Karen from Australia who blogs at Sunburnt Quilts and her friend Sue. 
We were in the lobby...trying to find each other and in a matter of minutes 
we spotted each other at the same time.  
We spent a few hours visiting the vendor's booths
 then we had a late lunch together. 
My sister and I saw the quilt display in the morning so  
we split up for a few hours...Karen and Sue viewed the quilts...did some shopping
and met again for hugs, picture taking and goodbyes around 5 p.m.
So glad I was able to finally meet Karen...she is truly the best blogging friend ever!!
Karen was one of my first followers when I started blogging... will be 3 years July 14...guess I will have to have another giveaway.
We exchanged some patterns...oh lucky me...I now have some 
amazing embroidery patterns from some very talented Aussie designers.

DH and DBIL spent the day at a railroad museum, car museum 
and ended up at a couple 'craft brewery' pubs.

Check out the Kissmobile...
it is a real car...and yes...we did go to the Hershey Chocolate factory too...
one can not leave Hershey without buying chocolate...
...have you tried the Hershey Take 5 chocolate bar?
...we bought a case of them and there is only one left!!
DH is saving it for me and I am saving it for him...
one of these days we will have to share it...yum!!
Fun was had by all!!
We had great weather until it was time to return home.
We were hit with a winter storm travelling through the mountains...
not something I ever want to do again.  
At one point I was thinking we may never experience retirement....
DH would be retiring March 31.  
I left Hershey wearing flip flops...
not too far down the highway the snow was already at least 6 inches deep
and falling fast and furious.
It took us about 12 hours to make the trip home to Michigan.
It was a nasty trip back to Kitchener for my sister and BIL.
We were never so glad to be home safe.

till next time, have a wonderful day
and happy stitching!!


Jeanie said...

What a fun time and congrats on finding Pearl! She's lovely!

StitchinByTheLake said...

Nothing sews like a featherweight! And what a fun I hope to make "someday." Blessings, Marlene

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Love your little Pearl - so cute. Glad you made it home safely. So great that you got to meet Karen.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

One of these days I'll find a featherweight in my price range. Since I have so many different machines, I can't justify spending much. The 'hunt' is fun, though.

suemac said...

Snow storm in July. Bummer.

Dora, the Quilter said...

Except for the snowstorm, sounds wonderful?
Did you learn when your FW was made? [It can be determined by the serial number.]

Karen said...

This post does bring back some wonderful memories. There was so much happening it is a wonder we were able to fit everything in.
We were so lucky to be able to meet up and the quilt show was the perfect venue. It brings a smile to my face whenever I think of it.
I remember you saying you had spotted the machine and now it is good to see how it looks. It appears to have been well cared for. Do you think it may have had only one owner?
Have you had a chance to use it?
Now make sure you both share that last chocolate bar!

Madame Samm said...

Oh my a new machine, well an old machine, well you know what i mean..glad to hear you are home safe....and did you say snow?

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