Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Patriotic Pillowcases .......... early May I was blog hopping,
(something I haven't been doing much of... till this week)
and I came across a blog that caught my attention.  
You can read the blog HERE
I knew I wanted to help and mentioned it
to our Wednesday night quilting group a few weeks ago.  
I offered to gave the ladies a quick pillow case lesson at our June 22nd meeting.
They came on June 22
prepared to make pillowcases with red, white, and blue fabrics.
Yes they all wanted to make pillowcases in support of Carol and especially her friend
.....and I was thrilled they wanted to help too...... far I have 10 pillowcases and more are coming tonight. 
 I'm hoping to mail them to Carol the first week in August....
My goal is 25 pillow cases.......
A big THANK YOU to Ann, Barb, Grace, and Pam.


A great pillowcase tutorial is HERE.

happy hugs and a zillion thank you's


Sandie ~call me crazy said...

Great pillowcases! How's the quilting going? :-)

Mama Spark said...

Or our pillow case tutorial here

Angie said...

Oh this is just fantastic!! I want to make a couple myself--it's been on my list for a while now. I'm so happy for Carol and her friend that you and YOUR friends are making some too. :D

Crispy said...

Hooray that you and your friends jumped onto the band wagon. Good Job :0)


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