Sunday, March 20, 2011

AQS Show, Lancaster PA

Sunday March 13th at 8 a.m.  Thelma (aka Mama Spark) and Louise (aka Quiltnqueen) leave Michigan for Lancaster PA for the AQS Quilt show...we stopped 3 fill up the gas tank once , to empty the bladder twice and to check out one quilt shop on the way.  They were all quick stops, even the quilt shop.  I had made sandwiches  for lunch with veggie sticks, chips and cookies etc.  Mama Spark had her diet coke and I had my cold coffee and water....we were good.  I finished binding a coin quilt and did some embroidery while on the road.

Pam was an excellent driver and we arrived in Hershey PA at our condo around 5:30 p.m. safe and rain no snow.  During the whole trip we ate out twice.....lunch on Wednesday at the AQS show and dinner on Thursday.  The rest of the days we packed a lunch and cooked dinner when we got back to our room.... more money to spend on fabric and patterns etc.....good thinking!!

This was our kitchen.....had pretty much everything we needed....

Lancaster PA Trip 2011 174

Pam's bedroom, 2 double beds.....and a full bath

Lancaster PA Trip 2011 176

My bedroom, a king bed that I got lost in and a full bath

Bedroom Hersey PA

Once we checked in, we stayed in for the night....had a light dinner and watched some TV. Pam didn't do any sewing as she was pooped.....I did a little hand embroidery, then we were off to bed to get an early start Monday morning.

Monday morning we left for the first of many quilt shops in the area....

1st stop was in Lebanon PA at Martin's Fabric and Craft Barn.  GREAT prices and an excellent selection of fabrics, especially the Free Spirit solids  and FQ's for $1.50.... If you are ever in the area this is a fabric store well worth stopping at.

Our next stop was at the Stitch and Craft in Manheim PA. Here I got a great price on a 30's backing. She had a 2 yard and an 1.5 yard piece and she gave the two pieces to me for a steal....less than $20.00. 30's backings are not easy to find and I don't mind piecing the back. The other 30's backing was 3 yards and 1.25 yards for less than $30.00...GREAT DEAL

Our next stop was at Sylvia's in Bird in Hand and that was an excellent quilt shop too.  She had lots of quilts hanging on the lines....

Lancaster PA Trip 2011 014 Lancaster PA Trip 2011 011

We both bought some fabric and I bought FQ's at 10 for $12.95....another good deal.

Then we headed to Log Cabin Quilt Shop in Bird in Hand and  to The Quilt and Fabric Shack

Lancaster PA Trip 2011 016 Lancaster PA Trip 2011 028

I spent about $60.00 here not too bad. Not too good at the next shop which was Bitty Kinna's in Intercourse. Gina is the owner and Ellie and Dee are her side kicks. We said we were 'Thelma and Louise' and we had sEw much fun...lot of laughs by everyone, even the customers.

This is Gina, we had her laughing lots........

Lancaster PA Trip 2011 018 Lancaster PA Trip 2011 017

Gina had a 'boat load' of feed sacks on consignment.  I had Ellie put about 18 on hold for me as I wanted to call my friend Sharie to see if she wanted any....she is always looking for vintage anything.  I had to call DH to get Sharie's phone #.....YES... she wanted some so back we went Tuesday morning....bought 23 feed sacks....and to think this is how they shipped feed.  Pretty fancy feed sacks.

Lancaster PA Trip 2011 021 Lancaster PA Trip 2011 022

...this was a great day to go to the shop as it wasn't very busy. Looks like we were the only ones in the shop but really we weren't....from there we went to Zook's Dry Goods which was also in Intercourse. 

Lancaster PA Trip 2011 023

Pretty much everything closes at 5 o'clock.  We left Zook's shortly after 5 and headed back to Hershey for the night.  Yep we did boost the PA economy on our first day...

 more tomorrow.



Colleen said...

I told your partner in crime that I am jealous! I am from PA and have not been up and done the day or weekend trips in a long time. I hope to get up there this summer. Some of my favorite vintage blocks, tops, fabric I bought in Central PA. Looks like you both had a great time.

Raspberry Lane Primitives said...

how fun...fabric and prim shopping then a quilt show...aaaah heaven...are either of you presenting at the show?

StitchinByTheLake said...

I so wish I could have gone with you girls! blessings, marlene

Karen said...

I love reading about this and am writing down the names of all the stores for my next visit!! Great to read about your adventures!

Impera_Magna said...

What fun! I love quilt fabric stores and wish there was more than one near by.... but a road trip sounds fun!

Crispy said...

It's good to know that you two are so supportive of the economy LOL. I don't know how anyone could resist making such great buys :0)


Linda said...

Looks so fun!! Thanks for sharing all those pics!!

Brenda said...

I have been reading Pam's blog and following your trip. How much fun it must have been.

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