Monday, July 9, 2012

A fun weekend...

...our house guests have returned to Canada.

We had a wonderful weekend with family and friends
and as always the time went way too fast.
The weather was stink'n HOT on Saturday for their
Rusty Wallace Racing experience.

...dressed for The 'Ride-Along With A Pro" are
Ross, Don, Bruce and Jon

...heading for their cars on pit road
...fear not
 everyone got through the window with ease
entering here is Don
...he even had nightmares about this...
...just before their ride of a lifetime

and then the ride that never was....
Bruce was so disappointed...once he was in the car
he couldn't breath ... he got out of the car
unzipped the firesuit and they tried to cool him off with cold cloths
then in the car he went again....nope it just wasn't going to happen.
He just couldn't breath in there...
...if it had been cooler I'm sure he would have been able to
experience the Rusty Wallace thrill!!
When you are strapped into your seat there is very little moving room
...very restricted and confined, Bruce doesn't do well in that situation...
...he was bummed and very disappointed!
They allowed someone else to take Bruce's ride...
...go get suited Nicole, but flip flops were not allowed
Bruce gave Nicole his shoes....a little big but it worked...
she was good to ride!!!
So glad Nicole was able to experience the thrill...what a trooper!!
before her ride...

...after her ride with her DH and Dad was all smiles
...after Don's race he was so funny...his hands were shaking and
he is saying that was frrrr..#@*&%..'n fast.....191 mph and we 
were 2" away from the wall....his eyes were like saucers
and his hands are still shaking...'re too funny Don!!! So glad you guys loved the weekend!!
I think you guys are ready for 10 or 12 laps next time...what fun!!

The weather HOT and HUMID and the temp was already
80F at 6:23 a.m. (before the sun was even up) and 103F by mid afternoon...
it was unbearably hot, we got no rain
but it was cooler at 89F, less humid and perfect on Sunday!

Monday I'm going to try and catch up with my blog reading.
I've got  the Red, White and Blue Blog Hop to catch up on will be day 9 and I'll be back at day 1
and I have to finish my blocks and posting for July 12...that's my day!
I might have a sneak peak for you Monday or Tuesday...(o:

hugs and happy stitching


Karen said...

That looks like a fun time. I know it's the sort of thing my hubby would love. Shame about the heat though! So you weren't tempted to join in and have a turn?? Not for me, I'm afraid.
Good luck catching up on the sewing!

Mama Spark said...

Too bad about Bruce. How disappointing for him!!

The Bear's Blog said...

What a chance of a lifetime. Sorry that Bruce had issues, I imagine that could be a problem for many of us. Darn. But he did get to sit in the car and that is so exciting. I didn't see you at the track? (I know, you wanted to DRIVE the race car.) Giggle.

The heat - it seems the entire country is "cooking", this heat is horrible. At least we are getting a lot of rain, for that we are blessed.

Heaps of Hugs

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